Enhance the shopping experience with EasyBackground Music-Musica for Shopify. Add background music to your store effortlessly.

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Easy Background Music ‑ Musica

Easy Background Music ‑ Musica

Add custom background music, or play song of choice


EasyBackground Music-Musica is an app for Shopify users that allows them to quickly add background music to their stores that vibes with the overall store theme. With the app, users can create a soothing and enjoyable atmosphere for visitors to their stores, thereby improving the customer experience. It is the simplest and most elegant solution available and is the ideal choice for store owners looking to differentiate their stores from others with background music.


  • Delight Customers with Music and Increase Sales: This app helps store owners create an atmosphere of relaxation for customers in their store. Background music can make customers feel more comfortable as they browse your store and this can increase sales.
  • Live Preview of Music Player to Configure: Users of the app will be able to preview what their store's music player will sound like. This provides them with the perfect opportunity to fine-tune the sound they wish to convey before actually making it live.
  • Sync Music Between Tabs: The app allows store owners to synchronize their music player with their various store tabs. This makes it easier to control the sound and allows customers to enjoy a more consistent shopping and browsing experience.
  • Cloud-Based Music Management: The app uses cloud-based technologies to store and manage the store's music. This makes it easier to add new tracks and reduces the time it takes for changes to be updated as they occur.
  • Mobile Compatible Player: The background music player and management system are designed to be mobile compatible. Store owners and customers can enjoy the same background music from any device they use to access the store.
  • Live Volume Control: The music player comes with pre-set volume levels. These levels can be adjusted by the store owner in real-time to ensure that it is not too loud or too quiet.
  • Customizable Playback Features: Store owners can customize the playback features of the music player. This includes loop control, shuffle, and track selection.
  • Application-Specific Music Support: The app supports music specially designed for stores. This includes relaxing background themes and music that fits the store's overall theme and atmosphere.
  • Quick Setup and Configuration: The app is very easy to set up and configure. It only takes a few minutes to get the player up and running.
  • Continuous Music Play: Customers will not be subjected to annoying pauses and breaks in the background music as they browse the store. The player will keep playing without interruption.


EasyBackground Music-Musica offers a free Basic Plan. The Pro Plan is available at a price of $2.99/month and the VIP Plan is available at a price of $4.99/month. The Pro and VIP plans come with more powerful features such as more custom music, phone support, and priority support.