Improve your Shopify store's speed and performance with SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed App by AVADA. Optimize SEO, site speed, and more with advanced SEO tools and achieve maximum efficiency.

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SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed

SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed

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Are you concerned about the speed and performance of your Shopify store? If so, then SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed App from AVADA is the perfect solution for you! This cutting-edge app helps optimize your store speed and page load speed for all devices to ensure your store operates quickly and effectively. With this, you can drastically improve the performance of your Google Search Console and SEO Manager via advanced SEO tools such as SEO Analysis, SEO Checklist, Auto-detected 404 Page, Plugin SEO, HTML Sitemap, and Rich Snippets.This SEO suite app is designed to be an all-in-one SEO doctor, perfect for beginners and experts alike. You can easily achieve maximum site speed, page loading performance and improve your store's visibility through SEO tools. SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed App provides maximum speed and efficiency while helping you maintain the highest level of SEO standards.


  • Page Speed Up (Web Vitals): It quickly and easily optimizes your store loading speed and page load speed for all devices.
  • Instant Page: This feature helps you reduce page loading time for better user experience.
  • Mobile Speed: It accelerates mobile performance for faster loading and better user experience.
  • Page Load: It helps boost page load speed for better visibility and performance.
  • Site Speed: This feature helps optimize your overall website speed.
  • SEO Image Optimizer: Enhances image optimization capabilities through features like compressing images and resizing photos.
  • Compress Image: It quickly compresses image sizes to reduce loading time.
  • Image Rename Speed: It helps rename images to make them more SEO friendly.
  • Photo Resize: This feature enables you to resize images and improve page speed.
  • Rich Snippets and HTML Sitemaps: Allows you to easily create HTML sitemaps and improved rich snippets for better SEO performance.


SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed App from AVADA is available for free, with a 14-day free trial. Additionally, there is a PRO plan available for $34.95/month which provides access to Pro-level features for advanced SEO.