Efficiently manage thousands of bookings with Appointment Booking – Appointo for Shopify. Enjoy automated reminders, seamless calendar integrations, and easy customization.

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Appointment Booking ‑ Appointo

Appointment Booking ‑ Appointo

Booking app for appointments, events, calendar, services


Appointment Booking – Appointo is an appointment booking software that aims to save time, accelerate appointment sales, and improve service quality for Shopify store owners. It helps to effectively manage 1000s of appointments with features like automated emails and text reminders, support for group and multi-day events, custom questions for customers before booking, and POS integration. Appointo also supports Google, Outlook, and Zoom calendar integrations and is able to automatically adapt to the store's language and theme.


  • Automatically Integrates with Store: Appointo automatically integrates with your Shopify store, so customers can book through their preferred channel. No coding is required.
  • Send Automated Emails and Text: Appointo sends automated emails and text message reminders and confirmations to customers, helping them keep track of their appointments quickly and easily. Additionally, emails and text messages can be sent for rescheduling and cancellation requests.
  • Group Appointment Support: Appointo allows customers to schedule group appointments in order to accommodate a variety of different requests and needs.
  • Google, Outlook Calendars, and Zoom Integrations: Appointo allows store owners to integrate with both Google and Outlook calendars for maximum utility. Additionally, Zoom integration allows for video calls for added flexibility.
  • Multi-day events: Appointo supports multi-day events, allowing customers to easily plan their next event.
  • Custom Questions: Appointo allows store owners to ask custom questions to customers before they book an appointment, ensuring that customers are correctly informed of what to expect.
  • POS Integration: Integration with Shopify’s POS system helps store owners keep track of bookings and payments without needing to switch between different systems.
  • Automatically Translates To the Store’s Language: Appointo automatically detects the language of the store’s theme and translates the entire website to it, ensuring customers get an experience which they are most comfortable with.
  • Manage Subscriptions: Appointo allows store owners to manage both one-time and recurring booking subscriptions.
  • Mobile App: Appointo allows store owners to manage their bookings from the Android or iOS App.


Appointment Booking – Appointo is available for free for basic features. The Pro plan starts at $10/month and offers more features such as Group Appointments and multi-day events. The Premium plan starts at $20/month and also offers access to additional features such as custom questions, POS integrations, and more.