Appointly simplifies Shopify bookings with easy setup, management, and Google/Outlook integration. Try the hassle-free booking app with a 14-day free trial.

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Appointment Booking: Appointly

Appointment Booking: Appointly

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Appointment Booking: Appointly is a powerful Shopify booking software designed to easily set up, book and manage appointments. This app offers several features to help merchants and customers make appointments hassle-free. The app also offers integration with Google/Outlook calendars and zoom meetings. With the app, merchants can create bookings without any manual intervention, saving time and resources. The app also has a free plan and a 14-day free trial for users to test the features.


  • Flexible Setup: Appointly provides several flexible options to set up and customize appointment booking options. With the app, merchants can set up Google/Outlook calendar integration and add custom booking questions. The app also supports group events and team member support.
  • Team Member Support: The app allows merchants to add their staff as team members for taking multiple bookings. This feature ensures that merchants are better able to manage customers' appointments.
  • Appointment Cancellation and Rescheduling Flow: The app allows customers to easily cancel and reschedule their appointments without any manual intervention. This simplifies the process of appointment management and allows users to easily manage their appointments on their own.
  • Deposits: Appointly also allows merchants to take deposits or partial payments for appointments. This feature makes it easier for merchants to ensure that their customers are paying for the services.
  • Calendar Integrations: The app allows merchants to easily integrate their calendars with other services such as Google/Outlook. This feature provides users with a better view of their appointments and helps them keep their calendars updated.
  • Zoom Meeting Support: The app also supports integration with Zoom for online meetings. This feature helps merchants easily set up meetings with their customers and encourages them to connect more with customers, resulting in better customer service.
  • Automated Bookings: The app also supports automated bookings for appointments. This feature helps save users time and resources so they can focus on other aspects of their business.
  • Custom Questions: Merchants can also add custom questions to their bookings to better understand their customers. This helps merchants gain a better understanding of their customers and provides them with valuable insights.
  • Detailed Reports: The app also provides detailed reports which allow merchants to track important metrics such as customer booking trends, customer engagement, and more. This helps merchants better manage their bookings and make smarter decisions.
  • Network Support: The app also supports multiple networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more, allowing merchants to easily promote their bookings and services.


Appointment Booking: Appointly is available for free and also offers a 14-day free trial. In addition, paid plans are also available, with the starter plan priced at $5/month and the pro plan priced at $9/month. Additional charges may apply depending on the features used. Overall, Appointment Booking: Appointly is a powerful and reliable booking software that helps merchants and customers take and manage appointments professional and hassle-free. With several features such as calendar integrations, team member support, and appointment cancellation and rescheduling, the app simplifies the booking process and helps merchants save time and resources. The app also has a free plan and 14-day free trial, as well as paid plans with additional charges, making it accessible to all kinds of businesses.