Supercharge your retargeting campaigns with AdMonks for Shopify. Create captivating ads that drive sales with technology that ensures you pay only for the results you see.

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AdMonks: Automated Retargeting

AdMonks: Automated Retargeting

Get more sales with remarketing on Facebook & Instagram!


AdMonks: Automated Retargeting is an app developed to help online retailers like yourself create powerful remarketing campaigns that target the right people, boost performance, and increase sales. The app utilizes cutting edge technologies and in-house developed solutions to make your ads super effective. With the app, you can enjoy a laser-targeted, engaging and beautiful ads, with return on ad spend as high as 12. What makes AdMonks different than the competition, is that the fee they charge you only depends on the extra revenue their app generates, giving you a risk-free way of enjoying the benefits of a powerful remarketing tool.


  • Seamless integration of your product catalog with Facebook and Instagram: AdMonks makes it easy for you to integrate your product catalog with Facebook and Instagram. This allows you to quickly create remarketing campaigns that hone in on specific audiences and increase overall ad performance.
  • Dynamic remarketing ads’ set up: Using the dynamic remarketing ads setup, you are able to customize your ad campaigns for the exact audience you’re looking for. Your ads will be tailored to specific groups of people and make sure that you reach the right people with the right message.
  • Customer photo reviews campaigns: AdMonks allows you to leverage your existing customer reviews by displaying customer photos in your campaigns. This makes your ads more engaging as your customers can see images of other customers that actually purchased your products.
  • Lifestyle product catalog: AdMonks will take your Product Catalog Lifestyle format and create stunning ads that use lifestyle product images to better showcase the product. This makes your ads more visually appealing and increases click-through rate.
  • Automated campaigns: AdMonks automates the optimization of your campaigns so you don’t have to manually make changes each time. This allows you to focus on other tasks instead of constantly adjusting your campaigns.
  • High-performance targeting: AdMonks makes sure that your campaigns are targeted to the right people with laser-targeting. Their powerful algorithms allow you to create campaigns that are highly converting and get you the return on your ad investment.
  • Ads relevance and frequency: AdMonks ensures that your ads are displayed the right amount of times without appearing too often. This ensures you get maximum ROI without annoying your target audience.
  • AI-driven budget management: AdMonks uses AI-driven budget management which optimizes your budget and helps you generate maximum return on investment. This feature saves you time and money as it constantly adjusts and updates your budget.
  • 24/7 customer service: AdMonks offers 24/7 customer service so you can have some peace of mind that any issues you may have can be resolved immediately.
  • Easy to install: AdMonks offers easy to install and use. With just a few clicks you can already start enjoying the benefits of their powerful platform.


AdMonks offers a free install and up to 28 days of the free trial. After that, the fee you will be charged depends on the extra revenue generated by the app. This means you get to enjoy all the powerful features of AdMonks without any risk.