Here are 4 Audience Segments from Lifesight to Target Tech Enthusiasts

Target Tech Enthusiasts
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With rapid advancements in technology and the desire to have the latest and greatest gadget in the market, the newer generations of tech-savvy consumers are becoming a critical segment in the market. Here are four high-quality audience segments that can help target them effectively:

1. Computers Services Visitors

Consumers who visit service centers for computers and other gadgets.
This consumer set consists of people frequently visit service centers for computers and other gadgets. These users can be targeted by consumer electronic brands with their communication of either an upgrade to the whole device or even to specific parts of the device.

2. Electronics Shoppers

Consumers who are frequently seen in electronics stores.
This audience segment has people who have been seen at electronic stores. It can be inferred that they are already planning on buying a new device or upgrade an old one. Brands and retailers can use this audience to communicate offers and exclusives to increase walk-ins to the stores.

3. Digital Lifestyle App users

The users of digital lifestyle websites or apps for reviews and research.
These app users are well versed in the tech culture. They keep themselves updated on the latest trends and models of various tech devices. They would be an ideal target for brands launching a new product or retail outlets to showcase their variety of products on offer.

4. College/University Students

Audiences who are students at colleges and universities.
This audience segment consists of people of the generation that grew up in a technological world. They are by instinct more aware of the various technological advancements and up to date on most of the latest popular technologies available in the market. Many technology brands (mobiles and laptops/computers) are targeting this segment to build an early connecting with the consumers with whom they could build a long term loyalty programme. Lifesight has over 59 million users who can be segmented as tech enthusiasts based on places they visit, geo-behavioural personas, brand affinity, as well as app usage. Are you looking to start targeting this audience? Get in touch with us!

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