Offer store pickup, delivery time, and local pickup services with ease. Customize rates and schedules for a seamless customer experience.

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Pickup Delivery Date Pickeasy

Pickup Delivery Date Pickeasy

Schedule your store pickup, delivery time & click and collect


Pickup Delivery Date Pickeasy is an app for Shopify businesses that enables them to offer store pickup, click and collect, delivery time and local pickup services. It is suitable for businesses like grocery stores, florists, bakeries and restaurants, as it allows them to set up preparation and cut-off times, customize delivery rates, limit the number of pickups or deliveries per time slot and more. This app provides an easy way for customers to schedule their pickups and deliveries, as well as for businesses to ensure that their customers’ orders are delivered promptly without exceeding the store’s capacity.


  • Different Setup for Local Delivery, Pickup and Shipping: This app allows businesses to customize the setup they use for their local delivery, pickup and shipping services.
  • Limit Orders Per Slot: Storeowners can limit the number of orders that can be placed in each time slot, so as to avoid overcrowding during peak time.
  • Set Cut-Off and Preparation Time: Storeowners can set the cut-off and preparation time necessary for each order, allowing them to optimize their delivery efficiency.
  • Blackout Date: By blacklisting specific days such as holidays or store-specific holidays, storeowners can ensure that their customers can only place orpick upp orders within the specified times.
  • Minimum Order Value: Storeowners can set the minimum order value necessary for placing pickup and shipping orders, ensuring that the store can maintain profitability.
  • Zip Code Check: This app provides a way for customers to verify that a store is within their delivery range, before placing an order.
  • Product-wise Preparation Time: Storeowners can customize the preparation time needed for each product or item, so that customers can know the estimated delivery time.
  • Fulfillment Type: Businesses can choose the type of fulfilment, such as local pickup, curbside pickup, delivery or shipping, for each product.
  • Availability and Blackout Dates: Storeowners can schedule the availability of their products and services, and blacklist dates on which certain services are unavailable.
  • Manage Multiple Locations: This app allows businesses to manage multiple delivery and pickup locations, as well as customize settings such as delivery times and dates, blackout days, and minimum order values.


The Pickup Delivery Date Pickeasy app for Shopify costs $6.99/month, with a 14-day free trial. It comes with 4 different packages, namely Starter ($6.99/month), Smart ($10.99/month), Advanced ($16.99/month), and Premium ($24.99/month). The different packages come with different feature sets, allowing storeowners to choose the package that best suits their business.