Targeting shoppers for this festive season? Look no further!

Targeting shoppers

The festive season is finally here and it’s the perfect time for brands to target shoppers on the lookout for cool and interesting things to make their holiday wholesome. Here is a list of some high-quality audience segments for brands to get into the spirit of the season: 

Mall visitors 

This segment is for consumers who frequent malls during the holiday season. They’ll be on the lookout for interesting deals on festive items. This is a perfect place for brands to target holiday shoppers.

Mobile Shoppers

This segment is for consumers who are actively on the lookout for new mobile phones. The festive season is an opportunity for brands to target them with shocking new deals to increase footfall. 

Gift Shoppers

Holidays are a perfect excuse for people to buy things for friends and family. This segment targets consumers who are looking to buy presents. Brands can target them by coming up with exciting themes based on the festival. 

Shopping apps users 

Audiences of this segment are often found using shopping apps during the festive season. They are constantly on the lookout for interesting things to buy and can be tempted easily through these platforms. 
It’s that time of the year again where brands can make the most of the festivities of the season. So get going and start increasing footfalls with these audience segments today! 

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