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The travel & hospitality industry is extremely competitive. Stay ahead with data.


Travel Insights & Patterns

Understand people movement patterns and behaviour to make better decisions.
  • Understand where your customers live, work, shop and play
  • Understand their movement patterns and how they decide
  • Understand their preferred mode of travel and frequency

Customer Intelligence

Get a deep understanding of your market and customer base by studying a wider sample
  • Understand your customer demographics & persona
  • Learn about your customer behaviour and visit patterns
  • See how they interact with other brands and competitors

Audience Targeting

Create and target custom geo-behavioural audience segments using a combination of our rich data attributes.
  • Generate custom audience segments based on your campaign
  • Run conquesting campaigns by targeting your competitors
  • Retarget your own customers with strategic loyalty based messaging

Footfall Analytics

Industry leading footfall analytics solution that can help you see trends and patterns within your locations.
  • See the footfall of all your locations and trends that occur
  • See where do your guests go around your locations
  • Understand the behaviour of visit patterns and loyalty

Hotel Chain Case Study

One of the largest hotel brands optimized their marketing efforts and delighted their customers with deep audience insights by unlocking the travel insights and visitation patterns.
  • Decreased Cost Per Acquisition by 24%
  • 12% Visit Lift to Eateries
  • Recorded 768 New Customers

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