Real Data for Real Estate

Use real world data to make better decisions
and predictions for your real estate investments

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Make better real estate decisions powered by real world data

Property Valuation

Use real world data to accurately gauge the value of commercial and residential property
  • Use multiple data sources to gauge the actual property value
  • Predict the price growth of properties based on historical data
  • Use footfall data as a leading indicator to predict

Retail Insights

Get a complete picture of retail activity at your retail locations to help your rental business
  • Identify which retailers will be suitable for your store
  • Better optimize your rental price using footfall prediction
  • Predict sales using spend data

Site Selection

Property site selection can be tricky, use real world data to help make quick decisions
  • Identify which locations are suitable for your tenants to buy or rent
  • Understand people movement and where do they come from
  • Identify competitors and other POI drivers

Tenant Mix Modelling

With offline retail taking a hit, mall operators need to step up their game by offering the right mix for the crowd.
  • Understand your visitors brand affinity
  • See where your visitors are coming from
  • Understand where else do your visitors go in other malls

Sports Retailer Case Study

A leading sports brand powered their expansion strategy using our real world data solutions that provide deep insights on location and audiences.
  • Identified which cities to operate
  • Identified 20 hotspots in the city
  • Identified 14 new store locations

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