Solutions for Financial Services

Unlock new customers & drive decisions

Leverage customer intelligence to uncover consumer insights and find customers.

The financial services industry is getting disrupted. Stay ahead with the right data.

Credit scoring made easy

Leverage our industry leading customer graph to score underbanked and unbanked consumers across the world.

Detect fraud effectively

Use the power of multiple alternative data sources to identify fraudulent behaviour across digital channels.

Find the right customers

Target your potential customers with personalized messaging using accurate signals and extend your reach using lookalike audiences.

Alternative data powers investment research

Leverage alternative data to identify consumer behaviour change accurately and predict business outcome.

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Putting Alternative Consumer Data Into Action

Helping The Underbanked By Putting Alternative Consumer Data Into Action

There is a largely untapped group in the banking sector and almost one-third of the adult population does not have access to banking or financial services. With alternative data, brands can tap into consumer insights to help the underbanked.

Leveraging data enrichment for campaign optimization by a leading credit card brand​

A leading credit card brand wanted to unlock audience insights in Malaysia to optimize their digital campaigns and measure impact on ad spend.

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