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Time to Up Your OOH Game

Mobile-based Audience Measurements, Insights & Planning for Out of Home Media Companies and Agencies

Leverage high quality audience mobility data to reach the right audience & optimize OOH media spend.


Measure OOH media impressions, reach & frequency using human mobility data.


Get OOH media audience insights based on demographics, interests & personas.


Utilize audience-based data to plan OOH media buy & optimize marketing spend.


Measure OOH Media Exposure

Use high quality human mobility data to measure OOH media impressions, reach & frequency.
  • Accurately estimate OOH media exposure
  • View collective impressions from multiple locations
  • See how long audiences spend in front of media


Analyze Audience Insights

Understand the audience composition in front of all media locations
  • Gain fresh O2O audience insights for your locations to enhance your media value
  • Demonstrate demographics, interests and persona based audience segments to advertisers
  • Get access to geo-insights like distance from home, points of interest and routes.


Build Data-Driven OOH Media Plans

Utilize audience-based data to plan OOH media buy & optimize marketing spend.
  • See the performance of each channel on store visits
  • Optimize OOH media site selection based on campaign budget
  • Easily export media property insights and site list

How it Works

  • Step 1
    Analyze audience footfall and insights seen at your billboards
  • Step 2
    Filter audiences based on your campaign requirements & budget
  • Step 3
    Export your billboard insights and site list to activate your campaign

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