Introducing the Real World AI

New Consumer Intelligence Needs New Data

Harness the power of fresh and accurate consumer behavioural data to make better business decisions and improve customer experiences.

The world as we know it has changed forever.
Leverage alternative consumer data to build actionable insights now.

The Data

We have collected, processed, enriched and cleaned massive real world data sets so you don’t have to.


High quality anonymized human mobility data collected from location-aware apps with user consent.


Enriched mobile user profile data with demographics, interests and behavioural data attributes.


Identity linkage data that helps brands identify their customers across multiple platforms and devices.


Place visitation data of device seen at various points of interest along with location data attributes

App Usage

Fresh mobile app data to help identify app usage behaviour and build customer journeys


Web browsing activity data to help brands understand web behaviour and identify buying interest and intent.

What questions can your data answer?

Alternative consumer behavioural data gives you answers on online and offline behaviours of a connected consumer

Use Cases

Consumer Insights

Gain holistic consumer insights when you add the real world dimension with easy to access insights

Site Selection

Identify the optimal location for your retail or real estate expansion and growth with real world data

Customer Data Enrichment

Improving the understanding of your customers by enriching their data with real world data

Market Research

Empower your research with a holistic view on real world behaviour to help brands make better decisions

Retail Analytics

Identify and predict retail trends and consumer movement to build better strategies and increase sales

Media Planning

Plan your media spend based on historical performance data and increase your ROI while optimizing your costs

We process over 1.4B data events daily
to derive up-to-date real world activity

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