A Marketer’s Guide To Customer Intelligence

Leveraging identity resolution and data enrichment in a privacy-first world


A Marketer’s Guide To Customer Intelligence​

The marketing ecosystem and consumer behaviours are going through rapid and lasting changes with advancements in technology, changing privacy regulation, and not forgetting a global pandemic of course. Brands too are experiencing rapid evolution as they work to keep up with customers’ changing needs, increased privacy awareness and expectations of seamless, personalised experiences with the brands they choose to share data with.  

In this paper we discuss components of new customer intelligence and how identity resolution and data enrichment can help brands leverage it to optimize media spend, make better decisions and improve customer experiences. Check out our guide on:

  • Common customer data challenges and why businesses are investing in customer intelligence solutions
  • Identity resolution- what it is and why does it matter
  • How to build customer graphs and leverage data enrichment
  • Customer intelligence use cases
  • How to get your customer intelligence strategy started