Introducing Personica

Put Your Customer Data to Work

Unlock the power of your 1st party data by leveraging customer intelligence
to drive acquisition and improved customer experiences.

Deepen your customer intelligence with our onboarding, identity resolution and enrichment solution to amplify your marketing and decision making capabilities.


Connect your first party customer data from various sources to build customer intelligence.


Match your customer data to various identities, devices, platforms and households.


Enrich your customer data with external data sources attributes to build customer intelligence.


Segment & deliver your customer data to a destination for insights, activation and measurements.


Easy & seamless customer data onboarding
Connect or upload your customer data to set it up within our platform
  • Implement our API to link your web and mobile digital touchpoints
  • Connect your CRM or Ad Platform data with our connectors
  • Upload offline data to onboard it to our platform

Identity Resolution

Identify & unify your customers’ identities
Find and extend your customer reach through multiple channels.
  • Securely Identify your customer across multiple digital identities
  • Unify those identities into a single customer profile
  • Continuously update their profiles with fresh and accurate data


Enrich your customer data
Gain a deeper understanding of your customer with new data attributes.
  • Convert PII data into real consumer intelligence data
  • Enrich your customer data with demographics, interests, intent and behavioral data
  • Maintain a holistic 360 view of your customer profiles


Take action on your customer intelligence
Optimize marketing spend, improve customer experiences and make better business decisions
  • Deliver personalized marketing at scale with deep segmentation
  • Map your customer behaviours, journeys and personas to plan strategies
  • Measure omni-channel attribution across multiple touchpoints

Use Cases


  • Build customer segments from enriched data
  • Deliver personalized content and ads


  • Measure omni-channel campaign attribution
  • Analyze O2O customer behaviour


  • Gain holistic customer insights
  • Map O2O customer journeys

How it Works

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