Measuring Campaign Effectiveness and Footfalls for BMW Dealerships Across India



BMW, a leading automobile manufacturer wanted to measure footfalls generated as a result of their digital campaigns. They were looking out for omni-channel solution partner to help them in measuring the impact of their digital campaigns in terms driving footfalls. Currently there was no real way for them to measure actual visits to their various dealerships across India as a direct result of their campaigns, resulting on them banking on digital metrics alone to determine campaign success.



Lifesight, as a leading Location Intelligence platform for brands and agencies in Asia helped BMW demonstrate actual return on Ad Spend in terms of physical footfall to their dealers. Thanks to the capability to measure dealership visits as a direct result of digital campaigns, Lifesight was able to track footfalls which were a direct result of BMW’s digital campaign.
Lifesight also assisted BMW in identifying which platforms and channels performed the best for their campaigns. Apart from this, BMW also gained an in-depth understanding of their customers’ real-world journey from ad exposure to visiting the dealership, uncovering their brand affinities, places visited, etc.

Key Takeaways:

  • The campaign drove a total of 235 Exposed Visits
  • The Campaign resulted in over 12 Million Impressions and 97,000 Clicks
  • 80% Visits came within 20 days of being exposed to the campaign
  • Monday and Saturday had the highest visit Frequency
  • The Click-to-Visit Ratio (CTV) was 0.24%

Channel Performance


BMW was able to analyse their campaign, optimise based on the findings, and uncover the true ROI of their campaigns in terms of driving visits to their dealerships. The key was to map the customer’s key audiences and target based on the behaviour of similar audiences. This helped to target audience to a very relevant set – resulting in footfalls across multiple showrooms, measured through Lifesight attribution.

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