Live Webinar On The Changes In Retail Consumer Behaviour In The Post-COVID-19 World

Webinar On The Changes In Retail Consumer Behaviour
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Everyone globally has been impacted by COVID-19 in some shape or form. Retailers are looking to data to understand and strategise based on changes in consumer behaviour as the world reopens and steps into a new normal.

Retailers, whether online, offline and omnichannel, looking to winback existing customers or acquire new ones in a post-COVID world will benefit from understanding how consumer behaviours are evolving. In this webinar hosted by Lifesight, Tom Gregory & our Industry Partners will discuss:

  • The changing face of retail – what are some of the trends, challenges and opportunities?
  • What is the Impact of COVID-19 on local area marketing/local commerce?
  • What are some of the benefits of programmatic and data driven advertising in mobilising COVID-19 aware consumers?
  • How can retailers leverage ad tech, changing offline and online behavioural trends for improved marketing performance?

Our panelists: 

  • Matthew De Palo, Solutions and Innovation Director, Kinneso, Australia
  • Nick O’Grady, Head of Account Management, Quantcast, Australia
  • Karlye Chan, Director of Accounts, The Trade Desk, Singapore
  • Tom Gregory, Country Manager, Lifesight, Australia 


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