Target People, Not Pixels with Our Proprietary Audience Reach
Publish highly accurate advertising campaigns with our high performance DSP and DMP solution that contains proprietary audience segments generated through deterministic data segments
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Consumer Profiles Tracked
Locations Tracked
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Realtime Location Targeting
Our PlaceSense technology offers a variety of brand location insights such as visits, peak times, dwell times, visit frequency and more.
Accurate Segments
We offer anonymous consumer profile insights which enables a view of your location visitors that are on our platform.
Innovative Ad Formats
We collect and process transactional data to provide a sample of spend behaviour across thousands of retailers in Southeast Asia.
Advanced Attribution
Analyze the performance of your media campaigns by viewing the change in your location visit data during a certain period.

Industry solutions for

  • FMCG & CPG
  • Automotive
  • Banking & Finance
  • Retail & QSR
  • Telco
Micro Location Insights & Intelligence
Introducing the most deterministic micro location intelligence platform in Asia that collects GPS, WiFi & Beacons data via a network of premium app publishers to accurately drive people movement insights use cases.

How It Works

Mapping Data
Before location data can be turned into intelligence, it’s critical to have a map. And not just any map — a highly precise map of physical locations in the real world. We are data purists at heart, which is why we carefully source routing data, event data, demographic data and more. To amplify this data, we also employ cartographers to hand draw the physical outlines of points-of-interest — including retail stores, restaurants, parking lots and more.
Location Data
Mobile devices constantly emit location signals through the form of latitude/longitude coordinates. We source massive amounts of anonymous device signals and connect them with our basemap. This helps us understand where audiences are moving in the physical world
Diversity of Data
To deliver scalable, accurate solutions, we’ve made it our mission to diversify our data. That's why we work with thousands of premier data sources to combine the rich depth and accuracy of background data with the wide coverage of foreground data. This intricate level of data diversity is critical for richly detailed solutions.

We know your customers, anonymously

We track and profile millions of customers demographics, behaviours, interests and preferences anonymously to enable advertisers to target consumers with highly personalized experiences

Male, 36, Kuala Lumpur Consultant, High Spend
Coffee Lover, Fitness Freak, Movie Buff, Traveller
  • Seen at coffee outlets
  • Seen at malls often
  • Seen at baby shops and gyms
  • See ads 3 times today
  • Apps: CIMB Bank, Expedia,, Bloomberg
Female, 20, Jakarta Student, Low Spend
Music Lover, Movie/TV Buff, Gamer, Online Shopper
  • Seen at restaurants and cafes
  • Seen at malls weekly
  • Seen on online shopping sites
  • See ads 10 times today
  • Apps: Lazada, Zalora, Spotify, Amazon, Netflix
Male, 48, Singapore Banker, High Spend
Traveler, Golfer, Fine Dining, Live Entertainment
  • Seen at restaurants and bars
  • Seen at golf courses
  • Seen at airports
  • See ads 6 times today
  • Seen at restaurants and bars
  • Seen at golf courses
  • Seen at airports
  • See ads 6 times today
  • Apps: Bloomberg, CNN, GolfBuddy, Singapore Airlines
Female, 32, Singapore Marketer, High Spend
Shopaholic, Coffee Lover, Sweeth tooth, Mom
  • Seen at hypermarket and mall
  • Seen at apparel & shoe shops
  • Seen at kids shops
  • Seen ads 15 times today
  • Apps: MomsCare, Spotify, Netflix, CandyCrush

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