HP’s award-winning campaign sees a visit lift of over 400% through better audience targeting

HP had been extensively been running digital campaigns extensively based on demographics, interests available from the likes of Google and Facebook. They needed to find actual audiences based on actual physical work location/ student college locations to target the exact audiences based on newer intent driven behaviour.


HP, a leading consumer electronics brand wanted to, through their digital campaigns, increase engagement amongst digital savvy/techie audiences such as IT professionals and students in India for their new set of hardware and software products. They also wanted to measure the footfalls that came to their stores as a result of these digital campaigns.

They were looking out for omni-channel solution partner to help them target users based on offline behaviour and measure and analyse footfalls to their locations in India as a direct result of their outreach activities.



Lifesight, as a Location Intelligence company with the help of high quality audience data segments and location attribution capabilities, helped the brand target audiences based on their offline behaviours as well as measure the actual physical footfalls to their various stores across India that came in as a direct result of their digital campaigns.

Lifesight Custom Audiences were built based on the people found in 1500 different IT parks, business parks and colleges and universities across India. Along with this, people found in electronic gadgets stores, mobile stores and the intent-driven digital savvy crowd were on-boarded on the Amobee platform for HP.

Thanks to this, Lifesight was able to measure the impact of the brand’s campaign and help them understand the true ROI of the campaigns.

Key Takeaways:

  • The campaign resulted in over 7,000,000 impressions and 11,000 clicks
  • A total of 3,407 exposed visits were measured
  • There was a Visit Lift% of 439.12%
  • Over 70% of visitors came within 20 days of being exposed to the campaign
  • Most of the store visits happened during Wednesday and Friday
  • The vast majority of visitors were Males between the ages of 18-35
  • Over 15% of the exposed audience had a brand affinity towards Bank of India
  • IT parks, business parks and colleges and universities were locationally targeted


HP was able to target consumers based on their offline behaviours through Lifesight’s audience segments and analyse the campaign and measure the total footfalls to their various store locations in India.

Thanks to Lifesight’s robust data, the company was also able to gain an in-depth understanding of their customers’ real-world journey from ad exposure to visiting the location, uncovering their brand affinities, places visited, etc. and providing a holistic view of their customers and measure the impact of their digital campaigns through Lifesight’s Location Attribution.

“Mobile location data can just go just beyond targeting, and give insights into offline consumer behaviour, gain competitive insights, in addition to assessing market penetration for certain categories. This coupled with a measurement first offering, Lifesight fits in the whole gamut and fills the long pending void in this space. We have been working tirelessly with their team to activate retail stores and measuring them across our digital efforts to make informed decisions and will grow this partnership further as we unlock the true potential of this technology.”

Rammohan Pai

Director, Programmatic Media, PHD( an Omnicom Media Group company)