Cost per Follower

Cost per Follower is a metric that measures the effectiveness of social media marketing, allowing businesses to track the cost of acquiring new followers.

Cost per Follower (CPF) is an important metric used to measure the effectiveness of a social media marketing campaign. CPF indicates the cost of acquiring each new follower via advertising, promotions, or other marketing efforts. It is calculated by dividing the total cost of the campaign by the number of new followers gained. CPF allows businesses to understand how successful their campaigns were in terms of gaining followers, and to understand how efficiently their campaign budget was spent.


CPF = Total Campaign Cost/Number of New Followers


If a business holds a social media marketing campaign that costs $2,000 and results in 200 new followers, the CPF would be calculated as $2,000/200 = $10. The lower the CPF, the more efficient the marketing campaign was.

Why is CPF important?

CPF is an important metric as it allows businesses to track the cost of acquiring new followers and understand how effective their marketing campaigns are. It helps businesses understand the value of their campaigns and can be compared to other social media metrics to evaluate the overall success of their campaigns.

Which factors impact CPF?

The factors that influence CPF include the type of content created, the size of the target audience, the amount of engagement on posts, and the costs associated with the campaign.

How can CPF be improved?

In order to improve Cost per Follower, businesses should focus on creating effective campaigns that produce high returns on their investment. Strategies such as audience targeting, A/B testing, and collaborating with influencers can result in improved CPF.

What is CPF's relationship with other metrics?

CPF is closely linked with other ecommerce metrics such as Cost per Lead, Conversion Rate, and Return on Investment, as the success of campaigns can be measured by the number of leads or conversions obtained for the cost of the campaign. The higher the CPF, the lower the ROI.

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