Do Not Sell My Personal Info

Lifesight believes that everyone should have full transparency about their personal data and how it is used to optimize the browsing experience. This page was created to facilitate the exercise of your rights under California Consumer Privacy Act and to enable you to easily access what data Lifesight is processing for the purpose of targeted advertising and to provide you an easy opt-out option that allows you to request for deletion of your data.

Stop Selling My Personal Information to any third parties.

The California Consumer Privacy Act gives California residents the right to direct businesses from selling their personal information or sharing their Personal Information,

If you want us to stop selling your personal information, we will no longer sell your information to third parties and we will direct any third parties to which we have sold your personal information to stop further selling your information.

To review our privacy policy, click here.

Please complete this form if you want to direct LifeSight to stop selling your personal information. Your AD ID is required.

You can also object to our selling of your personal data by entering your email address and name here. We will then remove your data from the databases we sell to third parties.