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Data Desk

Serving you with custom audiences to reach the right audience for every campaign objective.

What is the Data Desk?

We understand that every campaign is different and there may be a need to try different audience targeting strategies. That’s we created the Lifesight Data Desk, a quick and easy way to request for a custom audience strategy proposal and data.

Once you send us the details of your campaign requirements using the form, our audience strategists will prepare a personalized proposal with recommended audiences for your campaign needs. 

Simply fill out the form with the required details to get started and our representative will get back to you as soon as possible. 


How Can I Use Custom Audiences?

Market Area

We can build custom location based audiences based where they live, work or shop and also within catchment areas around locations.

O2O behaviours

We can build custom behavioural audiences based on their online and offline behaviours as well as their customer journeys.


We can build custom geo-demographic persona based audiences to target demographics combined with affluence and geography.