Mobile data start-up Zeotap partners with Lifesight to tap into offline location and behavioural data
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Mobile data start-up Zeotap partners with Lifesight to tap into offline location and behavioural data

Berlin-based data start-up Zeotap has announced a data sharing partnership with Lifesight, a location intelligence platform and data company in Asia. Under this partnership, Lifesight's offline behavioural data will complement Zeotap's newly launched 'purchase intent data', which gives brands a precise view of the purchase intent of a potential customer.Lifesight's client portfolio will complement the existing data offering from Zeotap, tapping close to 400 million profiles in the Indian market. Zeotap claims it will be able to provide high-performing mobile-based audience segments based on real-world behavioural data to its clients, to optimise business ad spend and make better decisions. Some of the segments that will be available include Zeotap> India > Intent: Food & Drink > Dining Out; Zeotap> India > Intent: Automotive > Cars and Car Culture; Intent: Style, Fashion and Beauty > Clothing.Retail, automotive, QSR, FMCG, CPG, travel, hospitality and fintech are top-serving verticals for Lifesight and the ones that will benefit the most from this partnership. Brands looking to increase store footfall--and ultimately track offline attribution--will be given the chance to work with Lifesight and Zeotap to measure store footfall variations after targeting a location-based segment, the company said.According to the company, the addition of Lifesight's data into Zeotap's high-tech data platform ZeoCore will help Zeotap's clients boost conversion rates by targeting the right consumer at the right time and place.Lifesight collects the majority of its data via Software Development Kit (SDK) from smartphone users in APAC. They also partner with several third-party SDK aggregators to collect data attributes about a user. The main dataset is sourced via SDK that is embedded in location-aware smartphone apps using the device's GPS and WiFi sensors. The data collection methodology is privacy-compliant.Zeotap, founded by Daniel Heer, Projjol Banerjea, Stephan Schwebe, was launched in 2014 in India, Italy and Spain. Today, the company counts the US as its biggest market and claims that India is one of its top five markets, globally."India has been an important market for us right from the start. Our entire technology team is based out of Bangalore. We have a global team of about 85-90 now and 65 of those are based in Bangalore," Banerjea told Business Today. It has Unilever, Diageo, ITC, Jet Airways etc. as its clients in the country."We now source data in the Indian market from the largest telecom operators as well as few other large enterprises. It is a mix of telecom and non-telecom. Non-telco examples are classified, insurance market places, some OEMs," he added.According to Banerjea, purchase intent data is critical for them going ahead, especially in India. They also plan to keep on expanding their product offerings.

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