Lifesight Partners With httpsool To Expand Presence In The Apac Region

Lifesight Partners With httpsool To Expand Presence In The Apac Region

Singapore, 2nd April 2020 – Lifesight is pleased to announce the appointment of httpsool as Lifesight’s official ad sales partner for Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and India.
With Lifesight’s real world intelligence platform, brands and agencies can leverage massive data and insights on over 500 million connected consumers in APAC. With its highly accurate interests based audience data and its industry leading independent footfall attribution solution, Lifesight is leading efforts to reach, engage and measure consumers’ like never before.
This partnership is an important step for httpsool in SouthEast Asia. With offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh and India, httpsool provides brands and media agencies with support, technology and access to global and regional media partners to help them achieve their business and marketing objectives. Adding Lifesight to httpsool product mix further strengthens its support to brands, agencies and advertisers with the best solutions and helps them make the most of their digital campaigns.
“The consumer journey is getting increasingly more complex with ever changing digital and physical world behaviours, making it difficult for marketers to make strategic marketing spend decisions. That’s why it’s our mission at Lifesight to empower the brands and agencies within the APAC market to achieve better targeting and measurement capabilities powered by unique insights from its millions of consumers. Lifesight helps brands connect with a highly engaged audience in the right place at the right time.” said Tobin Thomas, CEO of Lifesight
Sunny Nagpal, Co-Founder and MD of httpsool, APAC further added, “Partnering with Lifesight in Malaysia, Indonesia, Indian and Thailand  will enable brands to unlock deep people and places insights at scale with an unparalleled holistic view to make better business decisions and optimise ad spends. As an official ad sales partner, we will allocate dedicated teams, provide access to the local media agencies, brands and native advertisers, develop specialised solutions and support them from marketing, ad sales to billing.”
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About httpsool

httpsool represents the leading digital media platforms across Europe and Asia. It supports their growth as well as drives business results for traditional and native advertisers across 30 markets. Based on an innovative set of technology and performance solutions, seasoned vertical teams, and extensive market know-how, httpsool enables advertisers to connect with their audiences in the most efficient and effective ways, consistently maximizing their ROIs. Headquartered in the UK, httpsool also has offices in Austria, Switzerland, Russia, India, Hong Kong, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand and Bangladesh.

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