Lifesight Adopts New Infra, Updates Features for Large-scale Campaign Measurability, Targeting Precision, Better UX and More

TL; DR: What's in it for brands and agencies

  • Highly scalable infrastructure for footfall attribution campaigns. Brands and agencies can run ad and measurement campaigns for any number of store locations and impressions across North America and the world. 
  • Enhanced Gender Estimation Accuracy for audience insights across Audiences, OOH and Measurements solutions. Brands and agencies improve targeting with accuracy exceeding Lifesight's previous industry-best standard of 80%.
  • Hyper-fast load time and other UX enhancements for OOH Planner, automated OOH plans now include TG. Brands and agencies have a data-backed, swift, precise tool to plan OOH campaigns and spends.

2023 is a time of evolution, and even more so at Lifesight. We announced a series of product updates just last month to help marketers across brands and agencies get recession-ready. February brings more news, enabling Lifesight users to target, plan, activate and measure ads at scale and pace.

Let's get right into it.

Scale campaign attribution globally with Lifesight Measurements

Over the last six, Lifesight has expanded its footprint across the world, from North America (United States and Canada), Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Australia, and good old Asia (APAC). As a result, many local and global brands and agencies are now part of Lifesight's customer community.

To improve their experience and ROI on Lifesight, the company has upgraded its legacy infrastructure for Lifesight Measurements. With this upgraded backend,  Lifesight will enable marketers to run campaigns across the world for any number of store locations and impressions.

But that's not all. Other feature enhancements with this new infrastructure include much faster load time for Attribution Lists and Reports.

Improve gender targeting, campaign ROI, and gender insight accuracy across all Lifesight solutions

Lifesight's insights, media planning and measurement solutions are built on the foundation of one of the industry's most precise and powerful gender inference algorithms. As a result, it enables brands to achieve as high as 80% targeting accuracy across all geographies. And that just got better with the latest update.

Lifesight now delivers several times improved gender estimation accuracy across Audiences, OOH and Measurements solutions, allowing brands to target with even better precision, prevent ad waste and achieve higher ROI on campaigns.

Faster, seamless, high-precision OOH planning experience for brands and agencies

Over half of advertisers globally plan to increase their out-of-home ad spending in 2023, with many shifting ad budgets from social channels and linear TV to OOH. Much of this has to do with consumers spending as much as 70% of their time outdoors and 60 and 70% of millennials and Gen Z, respectively, noticing OOH ads now more than ever.

To help brands and agencies maximize the efficiency and returns on the OOH storm across traditional, digital and programmatic digital billboards, Lifesight OOH now comes with: 

  • Target audience included in the downloaded Excel media plan for precise OOH targeting
  • Hyper-fast load time for the OOH media planning offering
  • Faster map loading times, new OOH screen filters and screen insights for improved user experience on OOH planning

Efficiency, scale, pace: What's not to love about Lifesight?

2023 may seem like a challenging year for advertising and marketing workstreams. But constraints bring innovation to the forefront.

And that's precisely what Lifesight's product team has its eyes on this year. Enabling ad and marketing, media planning, activation and targeting innovation for brands and agencies.

Request a demo and start innovating. At scale and pace.

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