Introducing ScreenIQ, Out of Home Measurements, Insights & Planning Tool

Introducing ScreenIQ, Out Of Home Measurements, Insights & Planning Tool

Ever since we started providing services in the OOH space, our solutions have been adopted by some of the world’s leading OOH companies such as Clear Channel, Hivestack, JC Decaux, Moving Walls, Laqshya Media, to name a few. However, the OOH industry is massive and rapidly growing. In today’s world, where rapid consumer behaviour change is in play, we think we can add value to the evolving ecosystem.

We have predominantly been specializing in providing human mobility data and footfall attribution solutions to OOH companies. Based on the feedback we received from the industry, we found several key pain points still existing. So we focused our energy on helping the industry grow by filling in the gaps with some data solutions.

We are proud to announce the launch of ScreenIQ, our brand new Out of Home Media Measurements, Insights & Planning tool. ScreenIQ can be accessed on our Flux Platform, where users can do the following:

  1. Measurements – Measure impressions and unique users seen in front of billboards using human mobility data.
  2. Insights – Understand audience insights such as demographics, affinities and personas.
  3. Planning – Use the data to select the optimal media properties to display campaigns.

We are offering our tool to OOH media owners and agencies that don’t have a tool for measurements, insights and planning. You will be able to leverage some of the highest quality datasets for your needs with a simple monthly subscription. In today’s competitive and disrupted world, data can help optimize spend.

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