Introducing ScreenIQ: Data-driven OOH Strategies Made Easy

Introducing ScreenIQ: Data-driven OOH Strategies Made Easy

In our last two blogs on the OOH industry, we touched upon the impact of the coronavirus and how data is the fuel for OOH in the new normal. Businesses are scrambling to optimize their media spend and reach the right audience. In today’s world, where rapid change in consumer behaviour is in play, we think we can add value to the evolving ecosystem.
We have been predominantly specializing in providing human mobility data and footfall attribution solutions to OOH companies. Based on the feedback we received from the industry, we identified several key pain points and we focused our energy on helping the industry grow by filling in the gaps with some data solutions. Here’s where Lifesight’s ScreenIQ comes in. Our brand new Out of Home Media Measurements, Insights & Planning tool that can be accessed on our Flux Platform.

ScreenIQ is a comprehensive tool powered by highly accurate mobile based audience data for over 15 countries in APAC and MENA region. We use a range of real world data sources to derive insights of people within places.

Users can gain fresh O2O audience insights of your OOH locations to understand the composition of audience personas around them.

Users can simply select the target audience to automatically filter the most suitable OOH locations for their campaign target audience. They can then export their media plan for activation.

We are offering ScreenIQ to OOH media owners and agencies who want to adopt data-driven strategies for their business. You will be able to leverage some of the highest quality datasets for your needs with a simple monthly subscription.
In today’s competitive and disrupted world, data makes all the difference. Contact us now for a live demo

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