Introducing Flux Audience Builder

Introducing Flux Audience Builder

Ever since we launched the first version of our Audience product in 2018, we have had countless requests to generate custom location based audiences. This is because not every brand is the same, and not every campaign is the same. Brands have spent millions of dollars understanding who their customers are, and being able to leverage that knowledge to build a custom audience for a specific targeting scenario is key for success.
Today, we are super excited and pleased to introduce Flux Audience Builder. Our brand new audience builder feature within the Flux platform allows advertisers to customize and build mobile based audience segments like never before.

Build Your Own Audience

Platform users with access to the new feature can easily build their audience segment based on several criteria (filters). They can filter data by

  • Geography
  • Brand Affinity
  • Place Category Visits
  • Geo-behavioral Personas
  • Online Interests
  • App Usage
  • App Category Interest

Upon selecting their criteria, they can further configure the audience segment based on lookback windows, frequency of visits, and proximity.
With Flux Audience Builder, brands can now leverage highly customized mobile based segments and develop an advanced data driven targeting strategy. Feel free to reach out now.

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