In conversation with Pooja Gupta, Country Manager MENA
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In conversation with Pooja Gupta, Country Manager MENA

Our next employee feature talks about her role as country manager of MENA and shares some of her journey. Pooja has been an integral part of Lifesight for 3 years and has been a vital part of our growth.

Here are the highlights of our chat with her:

Tell us a bit about your role as Country Manager in MENA

My role is about Growth and Partnerships for the MENA region at Lifesight. I connect with Digital Data stakeholders across brands, agencies, publishers and other AdTech outfits. I gain an understanding on the current challenges they face, be it offline measurements, first party data collation, activation of geo-behavioral audiences; and orchestrate solutions from Lifesight's innovative Tech Stack to match their requirements in best optimal fashion.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face?

Technology has a shelf life of a banana, and being in the AdTech industry, we witness this very often. However, working at an extremely fast-paced company like Lifesight helps us navigate this challenge quickly, and take the latest and the most relevant products to the market. 

The nationwide lockdowns impacted people's movement, and hence the footfall aspect of our tech; however, with the ever-evolving approach that Lifesight has in its DNA, we could expedite our product development and roll out a more robust and an extremely innovative product which is our CIP engine, helping clients build First Party Data Strategy and prepare for the cookie-less world.

Can you tell us a bit about the products you're working with?

There are many products we have today, but in a nutshell I will say our products help brands and advertisers build a Holistic understanding of their Audiences and Customers, via Analytics, Measurements, Profiling.

With cookieless marketing our future, how is MENA adjusting to it?

Most of the advertisers in MENA have become cognizant of the need of alternative strategies in preparation towards cookieless marketing. While some are looking at marketing tools available with "walled-gardens", others are taking a more democratic approach by getting On-Boarding Partners, and creating a rich repository of First Party Data.

Can you tell us about some of the unique things Lifesight is doing currently?

Lifesight today has a unique standpoint, as it offers a Platform based solution. The platform passes back control of different products, like First Party Data Onboarding,Segmenting, Reactivation, Measurements and many more back to the client. Brands bring in their data to Lifesight's engine, process it, enrich it, and take it out. 

Lifesight has evolved from being an intense service provider with large front-ending teams for brands and marketers, to being a Tech Stack company where our platform does all the job with smart UI/ UX doing all front-ending for us. Our company today is leaner, smarter, with great technology built at the core. 

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