In conversation with our senior data scientist - Russi Chatterjee
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In conversation with our senior data scientist - Russi Chatterjee

A dynamic organisation like Lifesight, one that is growing and evolving every day is in no short measure shaping the lives of all of us who work here. The same holds true for the impact that Lifesight’s people have in transforming the company into a living, breathing entity with a life, culture, personality, and path of its own.
That is why we are starting something new here on Life Logs, a feature called Employee Connect. Here, we will shine the light on the people that make Lifesight the fun and exciting place to work that it is.
We begin this series with our head of data science – Russi Chatterjee.
Lifesight: For those who don’t know you, tell us a little about yourself.
Russi:  Well, I’m a full-time data scientist and engineer. I lead the data science team here at Lifesight where I’m involved in data science and engineering projects
L: Tell us a bit more about your role. What is it that you do on a daily basis?
R: As part of the data science team, the majority of my work involves code. I also help out with planning and implementation of our tech and data science projects and contribute to management requirements as well. Data forms the backbone of everything we do at Lifesight and ensuring high-quality data output from the enormous amounts of raw data that we work with is a key part of my role.
L: What does your typical day at work look like?
R: A typical day is spent mostly on writing and testing code. Interspersed with that, there are always a few meetings on technology, product development, and data along with a few interviews in between. We also brainstorm on a daily basis to constantly optimise data science tasks. Fridays and Mondays see a considerable amount of time spent planning and wrapping up the week’s tasks respectively.
L: What does your data science team focus on?
R: My team mostly focuses on solving data science problems. Our work falls broadly under the umbrella of data engineering, analytics, and machine learning. Think of industry buzzwords – AI / ML, Big data, Ad-tech, geospatial engineering, that’s our regular things-to-do.
L: Finally, what do you like most about working at Lifesight?
R: There are 4 aspects of working in Lifesight that I thoroughly enjoy:

  1. The Scale – It is high enough for seemingly trivial tasks to require careful engineering
  2. The Tasks – Dealing with billions of data points on a daily basis is something I really enjoy
  3. The Peers – A highly competent and talented bunch. Easily some of the brightest minds I have interacted with
  4. Work-Life Balance – Even as we push the envelope in data science, work does not feel like a burden. There is enough flexibility and striking the right balance between work and life (or in my case, computer games) is actually possible at Lifesight

And that was our Data Science lead Russi Chatterjee. A colourful individual who adds his own flavour to Lifesight’s culture. Stay tuned for the next feature where we try and get some straight answers from a member of our Marketing team.

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