In Conversation With Our Director of Global Ad Operations - Vijay Kalabandi
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In Conversation With Our Director of Global Ad Operations - Vijay Kalabandi

In the next entry to the Lifesight Employee Connect features, we are in conversation with the media man himself –  Vijay Kalabandi.

Lifesight: To those who don’t know you, please introduce yourself.

Vijay: Hello, my name is Vijay and I am the Director of Ad-ops global operations at Lifesight. managing the media operations business.

L: Tell us, what do you do at Lifesight?

V: I handle end to end campaign management, account management, trafficking & campaign optimizations for the media campaigns of our clients. I work on campaigns across regions from India, SEA & MENA markets, understanding the client requirements and implementing the campaigns as per the client needs. On a weekly basis, I connect with the clients and help them with the campaign progress reports, making them understand what is working what is not. I also keep optimizing the campaigns to reach the client KPI’s on a regular basis.

L: Can you describe your typical day at work?

V: Well, My daily routine consists of monitoring all the campaigns in terms of spends performance and regular quality checks & campaign strategy. I also focus on optimizing the campaigns towards the client goals and interacting the same with client and sales team. I am also involved with talking to the clients to understand their exact requirements and then taking the newly onboarded campaigns live and assisting the sales team in on-boarding new clients. I also have numerous discussions with the product & tech teams on the newest updates and developments of the product.

L: What does your team focus on?

V: My team primarily focuses on making sure the campaigns are implemented without any errors and maintaining the given SLA’s with the client as well as sharing the campaign reports on time and optimizing the campaigns to deliver the client goals.

We use our in-house DSP & our Lifesight Attribution product to deliver the campaigns effectively. We make sure to deliver our campaigns on top SSPs and brand safe content. We also use ad safe partners like Moat, IAS & double verify to make 100% sure our ads are delivered on brand safe content.

The team also makes use of Lifesight Audiences to target campaigns across different locations. We also create all the banner artwork for the clients at our end, which includes desktop, mobile & rich media ad formats.

L: Finally, what do you like most about working at Lifesight?

V: The main aspects that I enjoy about working at Lifesight are:

  • Technology – The chance to work on some cutting-edge technology like this is a great experience and its dynamic nature keeps things interesting
  • Flexibility – The flexibility given at Lifesight allows me to have good work-life balance allowing me to spend my time effectively
  • Team – The team that I work it has some amazing individuals who come together to form a very cohesive unit. It is great to work with this team
  • Fun Fridays – We have the weekly gatherings of TGIF which I enjoy. It’s a fun activity at the office with some fun team activities and great food

That was the employee connect feature on the head of the Ad-Ops / Media team, Vijay. He is one of the most knowledgeable people about the industry in Lifesight able to give his point on various different topics and discussions.

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