Clear Channel Singapore partners with Lifesight to power Out-of-Home attribution with 'OutSmart'
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Clear Channel Singapore partners with Lifesight to power Out-of-Home attribution with 'OutSmart'

Singapore — Clear Channel Singapore has announced a partnership with Lifesight to launch its location intelligence and exposure-to-conversion tool, OutSmart, powered by Lifesight’s AI powered location intelligence SaaS platform that delivers customised data metrics relevant to the Out-of-Home environment and behavioural data on commuters’ journeysIt is designed to perform as a pre-campaign planning tool to measure people movement, combined with demographic data, thus enabling smarter campaign planning; a post-campaign tool delivering Out-of-Home attribution by providing intelligence such as store visits, visitation patterns, lead time to conversion, brand affinities and more; and a mobile targeting and a re-targeting tool that will help achieve greater ROI and target offline-to-online.“Location intelligence is ushering in a new era for OOH where their audiences are measurable and deep consumer insights powers better decision making than ever possible before. We are excited to partner with ClearChannel to power these capabilities for brands across the region, helping them optimise their OOH campaigns and increase Return on Ad Spend with robust audience measurements and offline attribution”, says Tobin Thomas, CEO of Lifesight.“Clear Channel Singapore has invested in data for the last 18 years, and we continue to improve our data and insights offering to what the market needs. In 2017, we announced our award-winning audience understanding video-analytics called LEXI to meet to the demands of sharper measurements for our digital, ‘Play’. With OutSmart, location intelligence allows us to expand our measurement across our entire inventory, enabling our business to be insights-driven and customer-centric,”, says Kelly Khoo, CEO, Clear Channel.“With this sophisticated location data that enables us to communicate our competitive advantage by delivering the right audiences for our clients, we can attribute the impact of OOH with conversion, measured by footfall or visits to sites. On top of that, brands can now compare the impact of a campaign across different marketing channels and points-of-interest. This will help in optimising their spends and finally better understand the offline world,” she adds.

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