3 Questions that can give your Next Campaign the Competitive Edge

3 Questions that can give your Next Campaign the Competitive Edge

For digital marketers, one of the biggest challenges is to get the optimal number of impressions that yield results. This is especially important in an increasingly ROI-centric advertising environment that leaves no room for ad wastage. Data enrichment and identity resolution can help marketers truly understand the audiences they are addressing through their campaigns in order to develop campaign tactics that yield results.

In this article, we see which campaign planning questions marketers can answer using a sound attribution model that is capable of not only measurement but also deep insights, in order to deliver high impact, low waste campaigns.

1.    Do I have a deep understanding of my audiences to optimize my campaigns?

With a sound insight and measurement platform, marketers have a strong understanding of the path to purchase of their audience segments. This path to purchase reveals a sound framework to develop the number of touchpoints and variety of platforms each customer needs in order to transform from a prospect to a buyer. When touchpoints and platform selection are based on audience insights, the chances of ad waste reduce dramatically.

2.    How are my campaigns performing?

With a sound measurement framework and the ability to onboard external measurements data, modern CI platforms enable advertisers to measure their campaign performance in real-time. This gives them an opportunity to optimize campaigns during flight and maximize advertising ROI.

3. Do I have a preview into the entire omnichannel buying journey of my customers?

In the era that demands hyper-targeted reach, one size definitely doesn't fit all. A good insight and measurement framework provides marketers with a deeper understanding of the triggers and barriers of each customer, across their omnichannel buying journey. This enables creative optimization that is truly data-driven. Marketers no longer shoot in the dark in terms of personalization.

Design insight-driven campaigns from the get-go

Actionable insights combined with powerful, compelling creatives ensure that marketers have an edge over brands that don't have strong insights and measurement frameworks at hand. And in our times of hyper-competitive marketing, that's an edge you don't want to lose. Lifesight's Insights & Measurement solution is built on the foundation of giving marketers this exact edge.

Are you ready to make full use of these insights to give your digital strategy the edge it deserves? Because we are waiting in the wings!

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