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Lifesight customer intelligence platform - 2020 journey

Lifesight’s 2020 Journey

2020 came with it’s fair share of ups and downs, virtual work from home and fluctuating markets. But in spite of that there have been key moments this year that we’re proud of.

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Enhancing brand loyalty with customer data.

Today’s consumers are spoilt for choice. One Google search about a product, or even a website visit, and a million new options come their way, …

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Practical data enrichment applications in Marketing.

Data enrichment plays a key role in the modern marketing and advertising ecosystem.  There is no dearth of customer data available to today’s marketers. But …

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Roadblocks to personalization and How you can solve for them.

80% of customers around the world would rather engage with brands that offer hyper-personalization. Much is said about personalization in the world of data tsunami …

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personalization and privacy Articles

Treading the fine line between privacy and personalization. Are you prepared?

The consumer consciousness has never been more alive than now. The new consumer is privacy-conscious and yet, demands deeply personalized experiences in their brand engagements. …

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Audience Addressability Articles

Audience Addressability In The New Normal – How The Industry Is Responding

The way organizations identify and market to their customers in the digital landscape is undergoing a massive shift. We are in a new privacy-first digital …

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identity resolution post cookie world Articles

How Identity Will Drive Customer Centricity in a Post-Cookie World

The advertising industry is going through a time of deep flux and change. Many of the critical marketing capabilities that brands have relied on are …

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