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Lifesight Data Clean Room and Data Enrichment Articles

Balancing Personalization with Privacy: A Marketers’ Guide to Data Enrichment in Data Clean Rooms

Every marketer is burdened with treading the fine line between customers’ demand for hyper-personalization and regulatory demands for unprecedented privacy compliance. These regulations will only evolve with time and data clean rooms are the only way forward. Read on to know more.

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Cyber security Articles

How Alternative Data is Powering Cybersecurity Platforms

Businesses worldwide spend over $4 million daily to combat mischievous infiltrations and cybersecurity threats.  Non-payment and non-delivery scams, identity theft, and phishing by threat actors …

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Retail customer intelligence Articles

How Customer Intelligence Can Help Retail Brands Recover From The Pandemic Slump

Are your customers shopping differently even though the pandemic doesn’t have the world in its grip anymore? Do you see noticeable changes in your retail …

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The truth about first party data - data enrichment Articles

The Truth About First Party Data – Not as Easy as It Sounds

There’s a reason marketers deem first party data as an untapped source. It’s not because brands don’t know its importance. They absolutely do! In fact, according to a 2021 …

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How to Navigate Your Offline Shoppers to Omnichannel Shopping Experiences

Tell people not to do something, and it’s the first thing they will do once the prohibition goes away. This is human psychology 101 and …

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How to Choose the Most Robust Tool for Single Customer View

360-degree view. Unified customer truth. Singular customer narrative. You may have encountered these terms in pitches by tech stack partners or in various marketing blogs …

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