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Lifesight customer intelligence platform - 2020 journey

Lifesight’s 2020 Journey

2020 came with it’s fair share of ups and downs, virtual work from home and fluctuating markets. But in spite of that there have been key moments this year that we’re proud of.

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Reaching your Next Customer with Audience Data

In an age when consumers are faced with so much choice, audience centricity has become a must for every organization. Data is at the core …

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3 Powerful Data Enrichment Use Cases For E-commerce

Data enrichment is the process of enhancing, adding to, or refining data points so that a brand may create detailed sales funnels and targeted advertising …

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Are You Optimizing Your Programmatic Measurements Strategy?

Brands across the world are talking about how advertisers have to pivot to adapt to a cookie-less world. Brands that want to be customer-centric need …

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3 Questions that can give your Next Campaign the Competitive Edge

For digital marketers, one of the biggest challenges is to get the optimal number of impressions that yield results. This is especially important in an …

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How Data Enrichment Drives Higher Ad Revenue for Publishers

“No more data,” said no one ever. Publishers are perpetually gaining new and anonymous users to their media properties. The process of combining first-party publisher …

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Back to Basics: Audience Data 101

80% of customers would rather engage with brands that deliver targeted marketing messages. Audience data is a critical data set to deliver these experiences.  But …

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