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Lifesight customer intelligence platform - 2020 journey

Lifesight’s 2020 Journey

2020 came with it’s fair share of ups and downs, virtual work from home and fluctuating markets. But in spite of that there have been key moments this year that we’re proud of.

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modern data stack supercharges marketing analytics Articles

Why the modern data stack supercharges your marketing analytics efforts

In the omni-channel era, brands have more customer and marketing data than they can handle with traditional approaches. To be able to draw insights from …

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deliver high ROI customer acquisition at scale Articles

How to deliver high ROI customer acquisition at scale

All brands want to find and acquire as many in-market customers as possible. Essentially, that makes customer acquisition one of the most critical outcomes of …

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Audience Activation in the Omni-channel Marketing Ecosystem Articles

The Essential Guide to Audience Activation in the Omni-channel Marketing Ecosystem

With new media channels and new customer behaviours, the marketing ecosystem has evolved to an increasingly digital-first perspective. This means more data sources – from …

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3 trends disrupting CPG marketing Articles

3 trends disrupting CPG marketing like never before

Consumer packaged goods are an essential part of a consumer’s life. However, recent trends in connectivity, consumer behaviour, and direct-to-consumer choices have truly disrupted the …

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Enhancing customer experience Articles

Enhancing retail customer experience using data enrichment

Over the years, retailers have worked hard at developing and evolving store expansion, maintenance, and operations strategies to deliver the best possible customer experience. From …

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Dat enrichment use cases cpg Articles

Strengthen your CPG data strategy with these 3 data enrichments use cases

The CPG industry is undergoing a large scale transformation. The industry has always been very competitive, but the COVID-19 crisis and empty shelves across supermarkets …

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