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  1. Fera - Product Reviews

The shopping experience today is heavily based on customer reviews and ratings. With the help of the right Rating and Review app, merchants can optimize their Shopify store and create a better shopping experience for their customers. This article will provide you with a list of the best Rating and Review apps available for Shopify. We have looked into the features, pricing, and customer reviews to create a list of the top-rated apps. With the help of this list, you can quickly find the perfect app that suits your specific need and make your store even better. So make sure to read this article and choose the best Rating and Review app for your Shopify store.

Fera - Product Reviews

Beautiful product reviews, photo reviews & video reviews




The Fera Product Reviews App for Shopify is a great way to easily collect and show customer reviews, photos, and videos for your store. It offers merchants the ability to maximize reviews and increase customer trust while still maintaining their branding. The app allows merchants to import existing reviews from platforms such as Facebook, Google, Etsy, etc., as well as collect text, photo, and video reviews from customers. Fera makes it easy to show ratings in Google Search results and Google Shopping, and to automatically request reviews through customizable triggers. Merchants can reward submitted reviews with discounts, points, and cash-back incentives.