Age verification is an important aspect of setting up an online store, as it ensures that products are not sold to underage customers. That’s why having the right age verification apps for Shopify is essential. This article will help you find the best Shopify age verification apps so your customers can accurately verify their age and proceed with their transaction. With features like flexible age rules, manual verification, secure customer data, and more, these apps guarantee to make your website compliant and protect from any legal trouble. Explore this list of top age verification apps to find the one that meets your store’s requirements.

Age Check + Age Verification

Age Check - Age verify app restricts access to under age users




As an online seller, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are abiding the laws concerning the age of your customers. Age Check + Age Verification is a great app for Shopify users to make sure they’re following the necessary regulations while also giving their customers the best experience. It provides customers with a convenient age verification option as they make their purchase, preventing them from buying restricted items they may not be of age for. Age Check + Age Verification app also provides customers with a customizable Age Check Popup and is completely responsive, so that it works on all desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

NA Age Verification

Age Verification + Checker, Age Gate Popup (+before checkout)




NA Age Verification is an app that makes age verification easier than ever, providing accurate and secure age verification with one simple step. With the app, you can easily check customer ages with age gate popups on entry or just before checkout. It’s designed to work on all devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktop, making it a perfect tool for online shops.Unlike most age verification software, NA Age Verification is optimised for Shopify stores, and is completely secure—no coding or development skills required. It’s simple to install, and you can quickly customise it to create the perfect experience for your customers.With NA Age Verification, your customers will barely notice their age has been verified, making the process smooth and hassle-free. Plus, the app integrates seamlessly with your online store, turning age verification into an easy, secure, and pleasant experience.

Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+

18+ age pop-up for premium verification: safe and compliant.




Are you looking for an age verification app that can identify your website’s visitors who are below the age limit, while at the same time protecting their personal information? If so, the Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ app may be just the solution you need. This app offers simple installation and various customizable options to protect online users, while allowing you to collect age-relevant information.The Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ app is a powerful tool for website protection and age-verification. It is a very user-friendly app, and also provides very easy and straightforward installation. This app offers customizable options with which you can customize the age verification pop-ups and configure it to your needs. Some of the features of this app include the ability to prevent under-age visitors from accessing your site, simple installation, and customizable settings.