Contact Us Form ‑ Contact Form

Contact Us Form ‑ Contact Form

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Easy to build contact us form, contact page for client support

Contact Us Form ‑ Contact Form

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Contact Us Form ‑ Contact Form is an easy-to-use and powerful app for Shopify stores to enable customers to reach out to them directly with no technical skills required. It enables users to create and manage their own contact forms with ease. It also provides features like custom contact form fields, colors, backgrounds, and much more to match the store design. The app also includes a form builder to grow the number of leads keeping customers engaged until the last step.


  • Easy to Use Contact Form: Contact Us Form ‑ Contact Form offers a simple and easy to use contact form that shop owners can use to get customer feedback or query-related information. The contact form allows for customization of colors, backgrounds, and other design elements to seamlessly match the shop's style.
  • Preview Contact Form: The app offers the ability to preview the contact form in the backend before it goes live on the store's website. This makes it easy to confirm and test out the contact form's design before going live with it.
  • Customize Templates: Contact Us Form ‑ The contact Form makes it easy to customize the templates for customer reviews and feedback. This helps shop owners make sure that the contact forms are powerful, relevant, and engaging for their customers.
  • Add Custom Fields and Departments: The app also lets shop owners add custom fields and departments to their contact form, which helps them to capture the information they need from their customers.
  • Attach Images: Contact Us Form ‑ The contact Form also allows shop owners to attach images and files to the contact form to give customers a way to illustrate their queries.
  • Auto-Respond: The premium version of the app also allows the shop owners to set up automated responses that will be sent out to customers after they submit the form.
  • Embed or Stand Alone Options: The app gives the option of embedding the contact form within the shop's website or using it as a standalone page. This ensures that the contact form can fit seamlessly into the existing website design.
  • Secure with Ajax and HTML5 Technology: The app is built with Ajax and HTML5 technology, providing a secure platform for customers to submit their queries and for shop owners to respond.
  • Mobile Friendly: The contact form is also mobile friendly, allowing customers to access the contact form from any device.
  • Easy Installation: Contact Us Form ‑ The contact Form is easy to install and requires no coding for setup.


Contact Us Form ‑ Contact Form is available for free for a limited number of contact forms. Their UNLIMITED plan is available for $5.95 per month.