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Related Products , New Arrivals , Trending Products & More

Increase sales with related products on Shopify. Relatify offers product suggestions and more.

Related Products ‑ Relatify

Related Products – Relatify is a Shopify app that simplifies the process of offering additional features or products on product pages. It enables Shopify store owners to easily create a collection of related products, product suggestions, and other helpful features. By displaying items that are closely related to the current product, shoppers are more likely to purchase additional items. This app also provides powerful features such as new arrivals sliders, trending product carousels, and hot products displays. Additionally, customizable options really help store owners personalize products and increase sales.With Related Products – Relatify, Shopify store owners can easily increase their average order value and promote products that would otherwise go unnoticed. Whether you are looking to increase sales, offer alternate sizes and colors, or drive more revenue, the app has you covered. It is perfect for stores that want to provide more value and build more trust with their customers.


  • Related Products on Any Product Page: Related Products – Relatify helps store owners show related products on any product page. This ensures shoppers can easily find items similar to the one they viewed, helping to increase the average order value and close more sales.
  • Number of Related Products in a Row: Store owners can customize the number of related products that are displayed in a row. This helps to ensure the page doesn’t appear too cluttered and encourages shoppers to click through and explore additional products.
  • Related Products Title: With the Related Products – Relatify app, store owners can customize the title, font size, and color of the related products. This helps to create a consistent look across the store and make the related products even more eye-catching.
  • Customize Price Color: Store owners can also customize the price color to help draw the eye to the price tag. This is especially helpful when displaying multiple items on the page.
  • Vendor and Product Type Color: Related Products – Relatify also allows store owners to customize the vendor and product type colors. This helps to create a more unified look, making it easier for shoppers to recognize similar products in different colors or sizes.
  • Showcase New Arrivals: The app comes with a feature that allows store owners to showcase new arrivals. This quickly alerts shoppers to new items, improving the chances of them making a purchase.
  • Showcase Trending Products: The app also enables store owners to create carousels to showcase trending products on the home page, collection page, product page, blog page, or cart page.
  • Create Hot Products: The app also includes a feature that allows store owners to create “hot products”. This can be used to highlight items that are popular or discounted, helping to drive more sales.
  • Showcase Featured Products: The app allows store owners to create sliders to showcase featured products. This helps to draw further attention to items that are more likely to sell.
  • Showcase Related Products: The app also displays related products, to make it easier for shoppers to explore the store.


Related Products – Relatify has a 7-day free trial that allows store owners to test out the app before committing to a monthly subscription. After the trial has ended, store owners can select from a range of flexible plans, depending on their needs and budget.The starter plan is $3.99/month, the basic plan is $9.99/month, the premium plan is $29.99/month, and the advanced plan is $59.99/month. Prices may vary and other charges may be applied.