Uplinkly Language Translate

Uplinkly Language Translate

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Translate your store & get more sales automatically!

Expand your global reach with auto-translation into 100+ languages. Increase sales and reach a larger audience effortlessly.

Uplinkly Language Translate

Are you looking to break into the global market? Uplinkly Language Translate is an app that can help you quickly and easily translate your store into over 100 languages with just a few clicks. By enabling you to offer your products to a larger audience you have the potential to increase sales and make more money. With auto-translation, a language selector, auto-mode, integration options, and more, Uplinkly Language Translate is an invaluable asset when it comes to expanding your store’s reach.


  • Auto Translate: Automatically translate your store into over 100 different languages quickly and easily.
  • Language Selector: Choose between flags, drop down selectors, popup selectors, and more for customers to use when selecting a language.
  • Auto Mode: Automatically detect your customers’ language settings and use it to serve them the correct language.
  • Store-Wide Integration: Easily integrate the language selector into your store’s menus, footers, and more.
  • Easy Installation: Installing Uplinkly Language Translate is simple and quick, allowing you to start serving customers in different languages in minutes.
  • Customizable Language Selectors: You can customize the language selectors to match your store’s style and branding.
  • Custom Language Rules: Create custom language rules to fit the needs of your store.
  • Multi-Language Support: Allow customers to switch between languages to get the most accurate translation.
  • Quality Support: Helpful customer support is available to answer any questions you have.


Uplinkly Language Translate is available for free to get started. The professional plan comes at $9/ month and it comes with a 7 day free trial.