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TaxJar is a sales tax automation platform for Shopify merchants, offering a suite of apps to manage their business tax needs. It helps to accurately calculate sales tax rates, classify products, and automate multi-state filing. With powerful Economic Nexus Insights—a feature that helps merchants proactively manage sales tax Nexus—TaxJar can help merchants pay taxes with accuracy, simplicity, and confidence. Additionally, it’s API-driven architecture is built to provide powerful performance, reliability, and flexibility as businesses grow and scale.


  • Economic Nexus Insights: TaxJar uses real-time analytics to alert users of their economic nexus obligation in different states. As the thresholds for each state are different, this feature is helpful for merchants to keep updated on changing requirements.
  • Sales Tax API: TaxJar’s API gives users unparalleled performance and reliability when filing taxes. The API provides sales tax calculations and filing, detailed reporting, and allows merchants to connect their shops with other solutions.
  • AutoFile: This automated feature allows merchants to easily submit their sales tax returns with a single click. Merchants can rest easy knowing that they’ve submitted their taxes on time, and with accuracy.
  • Streamlined Setup: As the TaxJar app is integrated with Shopify, set up is streamlined and easy. Hundreds of ready-made settings are already configured for merchants, allowing for task completion within a few clicks.
  • Multiple User Accounts: This feature allows multiple user accounts to be set up on the same TaxJar subscription. This makes it easier for multiple teams to manage the tax responsibilities within an organization.
  • Audit Trails: TaxJar gives users an audit trail, allowing them to track specific changes made within their account by different roles.
  • Exemption Certificate Management: TaxJar offers exemption certificate management which allows merchants to store, track, and manage customer exemption certificates.
  • Administrator and User Roles: This feature allows merchants to add multiple users and assign different levels of user access. This can be helpful for organizations with multiple departments such as finance and e-commerce.
  • Tax Calculation Exact Accuracy: This feature ensures that merchants’ taxes are calculated accurately and with precision, no matter where they’re located.
  • Tax Support: TaxJar offers support to its customers to answer any questions regarding taxation and filing.


TaxJar offers three different plans starting from $19/month, along with a 30-day free trial. The professional plan is priced at $99/month.