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Superchargify AMP

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Superchargify is an e-commerce app that enables Shopify users to create faster loading pages on their store. The app helps store owners to create AMP pages that are 4x faster than traditional pages. With Superchargify, users can customize AMP pages using their best-in-class theme editor that matches their unique brand. This app is easy to install and includes integrations with Shopify, Google & Facebook Analytics, WhatsApp Chat Button, Error Monitoring, Support for 5+ Review Apps, and more.


  • Integration with Shopify: Superchargify seamlessly integrates with Shopify and helps store owners manage their entire business on the same platform. This integration makes products sales and marketing activities easier.
  • Google & Facebook Analytics: With Superchargify, store owners can track all their sales performance and stay on top of the competition. Integration with Google & Facebook Analytics provides business owners with valuable insights into customer behaviour and trends.
  • WhatsApp Chat Button: Superchargify enables store owners to connect with customers via WhatsApp, in order to provide customer support and answer any questions they might have. Store owners can also use the chat button to increase customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Error Monitoring: Superchargify's error monitoring system helps to identify and troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise. This is especially useful for store owners who do not have a technical background.
  • Support for 5+ Review Apps: Superchargify integrates with 5+ review apps so that customers can leave reviews for their purchases. This helps store owners to boost customer confidence and build lasting relationships with customers.
  • Customization: Superchargify's best-in-class theme editor enables store owners to customize AMP pages in order to match their unique brand. This ensures that customers have a consistent and positive experience when visiting the store.
  • SEO Optimization: Superchargify enables store owners to SEO optimize AMP pages in order to rank higher in search engine results. This helps stores to get increased organic traffic and improve sales.
  • Performance: Superchargify ensures that AMP pages load 4x faster than traditional pages. This helps store owners to reduce page bounce rates and keep customers on the page for longer.
  • Security: Superchargify uses the latest encryption technology to protect customer information and ensure that store data is kept safe and secure.


Superchargify offers a free plan as well as three paid plans – BASIC (9$/month), PRO (19$/month), and PLUS (49$/month). The free plan includes all the features of the BASIC plan plus a 15-day free trial.