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Contact Form ‑ Contact Us Form

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Contact Form ‑ Contact Us Form

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Having a contact page is one of the essential features of a website. A contact page allows customers and prospects to reach out and reach out to you. Storeify Contact Form Builder for custom forms or contact forms enables store owners to craft beautiful and professional contact forms, and contact us pages, to grow their business.The app has several top features, and integrations and makes managing submissions easy. It also supports multiple steps, and conditional logic, and is integrated with Shopify customers. With the app, users can also build a contact form/popup contact form/contact us page easily, create survey/product question forms, and even custom email messages and auto-response.Moreover, the app also allows users to manage submissions by viewing submission history, reports, or export submissions. And with the 14-day free trial period, users can test the app and see if it really works for them before committing to the app.


  • Build Contact Form/Popup Contact Form/Contact Us Page Easily: The app allows store owners to easily build custom contact forms for their store website with its form builder. With this form builder they can craft various types of contact forms, such as a contact us page, survey, product question and/or subscription form.
  • Custom Email Messages & Auto-Response: The app also allows users to easily create custom email messages and auto-response. This feature allows users to customize the emails sent to visitors and get feedback from them after they have submitted the contact form.
  • Integration of Popular Email Services: The app also offers an integration of the popular email services Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud and more. This allows the users to manage all the emails sent out to their customers effectively.
  • Manage Submissions: The app also allows users to manage Submissions – view submission history, report or export submissions easily. This feature makes the process smoother and allows store owners to keep track of the submitted contacts.
  • Support Multiple Steps: The Contact Form - Contact Us Form app can also support multiple steps, allowing users to setup complex forms with ease. With this feature, users can create forms with as many steps as they want, thus, enabling them to capture more details from their visitors.
  • Conditional Logic: The app also features a conditional logic feature. With this feature, users can easily create complex form flows with rules for how the form should be displayed and what is shown. This makes it easy for users to craft forms that are tailored to their requirements.
  • Integrates with Shopify Customers: The Contact Form - Contact Us Form app is also integrated with the popular Shopify customers allowing users to sync their customer data with their contact forms. This feature makes it easy to keep track of customers who have contacted them through the contact forms.
  • Report & Analytic Dashboard: The app also features a report and analytic dashboard which allow users to keep track of customer data, form submissions, and more. This feature helps to provide insights into customers’ behavior and also helps store owners to create better forms.
  • Automation: The app also offers an automation feature that allows store owners to automate the process of sending emails, creating forms, and more. This feature makes it easier for store owners to manage their contact forms without having to manually manage them.
  • Security: The Contact Form - Contact Us Form app also takes security seriously. It ensures that all customer data is encrypted and secure. This feature is important to ensure that the customers’ data is safe and secure from any potential malicious third-parties.


The Contact Form - Contact Us Form app is free to use, with the option for store owners to upgrade to a paid plan. The paid plan starts at $6.99/month for the STARTUP plan, $9.99/month for the PRO plan and $12.99/month for the UNLIMITED plan. There is also a 14-day free trial with each plan. The paid plan provides additional features such as custom email messages, auto response, integration of popular email services, and more.