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Crowdfunding Manager

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The Crowdfunding Manager app for Shopify is a powerful tool for transforming your store into a powerful crowdfunding platform. Whether it's setting up donation goals, creating crowdfunding campaigns, or displaying statistics on progress, the app maximizes the potential of your ecommerce store.The app provides several features to make running your fundraising campaigns easier and more efficient, including several backing options to give more opportunities to support your campaign, customizable design of the crowdfunding widget and donation progress bar, email notifications to keep customers informed of the crowdfunding campaign's status, full statistics about each campaign, and a simple interface with easy setup, requiring no HTML or CSS. The app is available for a price of $19.95/month and includes a 14-day free trial.


  • Multiple Backing Options: Offers customers more ways to support your campaign.
  • Customizable Design: Allows you to easily adjust the widget and donation progress bar as needed.
  • Email Notifications: Keeps customers up to date on the status of your crowdfunding campaign.
  • Comprehensive Statistics: Gather data for each campaign to understand supporter activity.
  • Video Integration: Easily add a video to product pages to promote your concept.
  • Target Goals: Set realistic goals and continue or finish a campaign when you reach it.
  • Simple Interface: An easy to use platform with no HTML or CSS knowledge required.
  • Accurate Documentation: Accurately documents every order and its details.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Supports Shopify Plus and multiple store locations.
  • Security: Keeps your data safe with advanced security measures.


The Crowdfunding Manager app is a great tool for transforming your store into an efficient crowdfunding platform. With its comprehensive features and simple interface, it’s the perfect solution for store owners who are looking to monetize their campaigns. With the app, you can maximize the potential of your store, from setting up donation goals to collecting real-time stats and more. With a 14-day free trial and a price of $19.95/month, it’s an excellent value for store owners.