Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer

Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer

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Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer

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Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer is an app for Shopify stores that optimizes and compresses images on your store, improving its loading time and overall performance. The app automatically renames your images and ALT tags, allowing search engines to find and categorize them better. This results in better search engine optimization and improved performance. It also offers different types of image compression algorithms to test and choose from. The app has a simple interface and can be up and running in a few minutes. It can be used for free or with any of its four subscription plans. The pricing options range from the Free plan to the Ultimate plan.


  • Speed up Your Store: Image Optimizer reduces the file size of your store images and speeds up your store’s loading time. It also offers intuitive ways to optimize your images for SEO.
  • Automated Image Renaming: Automatically rename image files and ALT tags to aid discovery in search engines. This helps to ensure that your images are found and categorized more effectively.
  • Compression Options: Choose your compression and renaming settings and let work away in the background optimizing and renaming on the go. It also offers several different types of image compression algorithms to test and choose from.
  • Upload and Compress Images: You can manually add and compress images, as Shopify doesn’t provide access to all images on its platform.
  • Cloud Storage: Crush.pict offers cloud storage for your compressed images so you can free up space on your server.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Get detailed reporting and analytics on the performance of your app and images.
  • Security: Your images and data are securely stored on the cloud with 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • Customer Support: Get 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, or phone.
  • Mobile Optimization: The app is optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to access its features regardless of your device.
  • Easy to Use: Crush.pic offers a simple and user-friendly interface which makes it easy to get started and keep track of your app's performance.


Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer has a Free plan available, as well as four other paid subscription plans: Micro, Pro, Advanced, and Ultimate. The pricing details for each plan are as follows: Free: Free Micro: $4.99/month Pro: $9.99/month Advanced: $19.99/month Ultimate: $49.99/month