Fraud Filter

Fraud Filter

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Create custom filters to help you prevent fraud

Secure your Shopify store with Fraud Filter. Set up alerts or block suspicious orders to fight fraud and avoid chargebacks, with simple rule-based functionality.

Fraud Filter

Fraud Filter is an app for Shopify stores that adds a layer of protection to help merchants fight fraud and avoid chargebacks. By utilizing the app’s simple rule-based functionality, merchants can easily set up warnings to be alerted of suspicious orders, or block orders completely. When an order matches a filter that's been created, Fraud Filter will flag it as suspicious and automatically cancel the order if desired.The app is 100% free, and could prove to be a helpful addition to any Shopify store.


  • Create Custom Filters: Users can create custom filters that are specific to meet their own business needs in order to detect suspicious orders.
  • Flag orders: Orders that match the filters that have been created can be quickly flagged as suspicious on the order page, preventing their completion.
  • Block orders: Fraud Filter allows users to prevent certain known customers from placing orders on their store.
  • Data privacy: Fraud Filter is committed to users' data privacy, respecting all data privacy laws, GDPR, and international standards on data security.
  • Live Support: Fraud Filter provides live support in order to help you navigate and get the most usage out of the app.
  • User friendly interface: The app has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that requires minimal training.
  • Automated notifications: Fraud Filter can send automated notifications for suspicious orders and abandoned carts.


Fraud Filter is a free app. No additional payment is required to install and use the app.