Shoppable Insta Video Reels

Shoppable Insta Video Reels

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Boost conversions with Instagram Reels, Stories, UGC InstaFeed

Boost conversions with Shoppable Insta Video Reels. Shop beauty and cosmetic products featured in videos.

Shoppable Insta Video Reels

Shoppable Insta Video Reels is an ultimate social proof app that allows beauty, skin care, hair care and cosmetic brands to shop the look of their products in videos. The app integrates with Pagefly, Shopgun and Gem Pages Builder while providing an alternative to expensive apps such as VideoWise,, Tolstoy, Vidjet, InstaFeed and Elfsight. Tagged products are easily synced from Instagram Reels and Stories, boosting conversions and providing customers with a comprehensive product shopping experience.


  • Tag Products to Instagram Reels: Easily tag products shown in videos for easy customer shopping and faster product recognition.
  • Watch & Buy with Instagram Stories: Increase customer engagement and loyalty with watch & buy features from Instagram Stories.
  • Social Proof Videos: Increase customer trust and boost sales with powerful and dynamic Social Proof videos.
  • Influencer Videos: Leverage influencer content with relevant video recommendations, increasing customer engagement and interactions.
  • Pagefly and Shopgun Integrations: Seamlessly integrate videos with Pagefly’s page builder and Shopgun’s ecommerce platform.
  • Unlimited Views & Clicks: Enjoy unlimited views and clicks, with no extra monthly fees or contracts.
  • ROI Increases: Increase business ROI with this economical alternative to traditional expensive video apps.
  • Push Notifications: Enable push notifications, SMS notifications and email notifications to keep customers up to date with new product launches and recommendations.


Shoppable Insta Video Reels is free to install and there are no additional charges on usage. Additionally, the app charges $9 per month for unlimited views, clicks and orders. IT comes with a 7-day free trial.