Ultimate Product Icons

Ultimate Product Icons

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Display your product guarantees and features to convert sales

Display guarantee icons to boost revenue. Choose from 26 icons, customize colors, and link to relevant pages. Free trial available.

Ultimate Product Icons

Ultimate Product Icons for Shopify is designed to help your store generate extra revenue by displaying beautiful guarantee icons to your shoppers. As a Shopify store owner, you can select from 26 different icons across 5 handcrafted design styles, link your chosen icons to relevant pages, adjust colors to match your store design, and more- all without any code to install or developer needed. Learn while you earn with a 14-day free trial, or take advantage of the free plan.


  • 26 Different Icons: Choose from 26 different icons across 5 handcrafted design styles to suit your store’s needs.
  • Add Icons to Any Page: Link your chosen icons directly to the pages used to help build trust with your shopper.
  • No Code Required: No code needed to install even for custom placement - making installation simple and easy.
  • Color Adjustment: Adjust colors for every trust icon for a perfect match to your store design.
  • Link to Policy Pages: You can choose to link these icons to your store return policy, product guarantees, free shipping rules, and more.
  • Fast Setup: Installing and setting up Ultimate Product Icons is fast and easy.
  • Improved Performance:Ultimate Product Icons will help accelerate page performance and loading.
  • Security and Data Protection: Ultimate Product Icons provides secure protection of your personal data and transaction information.


Ultimate Product Icons app is available with three different plans. The Basic plan which is free, the premium plan available for $6.99 per month and the Plus stores plan priced at $19.99/month.