Paid Marketing by Shoelace

Paid Marketing by Shoelace

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Tech-enabled paid advertising with expert support

Generate creative and effective advertising campaigns across platforms. Manage campaigns effortlessly and expand store operations with Shoelace.

Paid Marketing by Shoelace

Shoelace is a comprehensive app that helps Shopify merchants generate digital advertising campaigns that are both creative and effective. With this app, Shopify merchants can easily access and manage their paid advertising campaigns on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and others. The app also provides a seamless workflow, with no impact on the store, so merchants can implement campaigns with ease. The app also offers further extended services; providing automated solutions for store operations as well as email solutions.


  • Seamless Workflow: With a direct link to the Shopify admin, users have quick access to the app from their store, as well as an easy-to-navigate system to kickstart their paid advertising campaigns.
  • Speed Tested: By using the app, merchants will not experience any significant impacts on their store. It is speed tested and optimized, so they can enjoy smooth operations.
  • Social Advertising: With Shoelace, merchants can quickly and conveniently set up their own paid advertising campaigns on the most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Search Advertising: Merchants can also create and manage their own paid search campaigns on Google.
  • Automated Solutions: The app provides automated solutions for store operations, streamlining the process for merchants for greater efficiency.
  • Email Solutions: With Shoelace, merchants can easily send relevant emails to target customers, increasing conversion rates and growing their customer base.
  • Ad Optimization: The app offers a comprehensive system for ad optimization, ensuring that ads are hitting the optimal target audience and achieving the intended objectives.
    1. Experienced Growth Managers: The app offers experienced growth managers to guide merchants through their campaigns. These professionals can provide valuable insight and analysis.
    1. Comprehensive Performance Reviews: Merchants can easily keep track of the performance of their advertising campaigns with comprehensive performance reviews.
    1. Affordable Pricing: The app is offered at an affordable price, allowing merchants to budget their costs accordingly. Additional charges may apply.


Shoelace is offered at an affordable price, starting at $79/month. Apart from this, additional charges may apply for automated solutions that start at $2,250/month and email solutions that start at $2,500/month. With such pricing, merchants can enter the world of paid digital advertising with the assurance of a low budget.