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ShipRobot ‑ Shipping Labels

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ShipRobot ‑ Shipping Labels

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ShipRobot is an intuitive web-based shipping solution for online merchants. It is built as an app for Shopify and can be used to sync orders from multiple channels in real-time and generate shipping labels with a few clicks. On top of that, ShipRobot provides automatic order status updates for improved store management.ShipRobot is a one-stop solution that eradicates the need to visit multiple websites in order to keep track of orders, shippings, and labels. It consolidates a host of shipping and order management tasks into one easy to use platform, providing a cost effective and time saving solution for online merchants.


  • Order Syncing – With ShipRobot, you can sync orders from multiple sales channels in real time, eliminating the time wasted on having to manually input orders into your Shopify store.
  • Create and Print Shipping Labels – you can quickly generate and print shipping labels for your orders with a single click. This means you can process orders and get them shipped within no time.
  • Order Status Management – Automatic order status updates within your store, so you won’t have to manually mark orders as shipped, received, or canceled.
  • Automated Tracking – Provides automated tracking of orders, giving you accurate information on where they are in transit.
  • Price Management – Integrates with multiple shipping carriers and allows you to compare rates to get the best price available.
  • Label Generation – Allows you to generate PDF shipping labels with a single click, so that all of your orders are labeled quickly and professionally.
  • Automated Email Notifications – It will automatically send notifications to your customers regarding their order’s shipment and delivery.
  • Multiple Shipping Options – Provides a range of shipping options such as priority and international shipping, so you can always find a suitable shipment for all your orders.
  • Inventory Management – Allows you to easily add and manage any product inventory to track its shipping status.
  • Label Printing – Offers a print label option from the app itself, making it easier and faster to generate labels.


ShipRobot is available for free of charge, so anyone can install it and start using it with their Shopify store. However, you will be charged postage fees for each shipping label you generate as well as a monthly fee of $8 and up if you create and print more than 10 labels per month.