Seel Return Assurance

Seel Return Assurance

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Drive more sales with return-as-an-option on final sale items

Seel Return Assurance

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Seel Return Assurance is a Shopify app designed to make it easier for online stores to offer customers the ability to return their purchases for a full refund paid by Seel. Seel Return Assurance allows customers to add Return Assurance to their order in the store’s checkout flow, making it easier for them to purchase the option to return items without fear of losing money. With Seel Return Assurance, online stores can offer returnability on final sale items, custom items, and personalized gifts with ease.


  • Guaranteed Refunds: Seel Return Assurance guarantees customers a full refund on any products or services that they are dissatisfied with.
  • Easy Checkout: Customers can add Return Assurance to their order in the store’s checkout flow, streamlining their purchase process.
  • Final Sale Items: Seel Return Assurance allows customers to return final sale items, giving online stores flexibility in their offerings.
  • Custom Items: Customers can also return custom items, protecting customers from unexpected surprises.
  • Personalized Gifts: Seel Return Assurance lets customers return personalized gifts without worry.
  • Fast Returns: Seel handles all of the return paperwork and shipping, ensuring fast returns for customers.
  • Unparalleled Support: Seel provides world-class customer support to help customers with any issues.
  • Easy Integration: Seel easily integrates with any existing Shopify store.
  • Detailed Analytics: Seel provides detailed reports and analytics to measure and improve the customer experience.
  • SaaS Access: Seel Return Assurance is a Software-as-a-Service that provides customers with the highest level of security and reliability.


Seel Return Assurance is free to use. There are no extra costs associated with the app and no contracts to sign. Seel also offers premium packages, with additional features, depending on the needs of the business.